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On the basis of our worldwide contacts, we can use all possibilities.

We are able to deliver new and second hand spare parts of Alfa-Laval/Tetra Pak separators. Please ask us!

Our "market place" is the perfect connection between seller and byer. In short time we are able to deliver second hand parts and a big number of new wearing parts for your separator.




HMRPX Marktplatz

DMRPX Marktplatz

MRPX Marktplatz  
  BRPX Marktplatz WMRPX Marktplatz QMRPX  
  BMRPX BRPX Ersatzteile Marktplatz  


  BRPX AFPX Ersatzteile Marktplatz  



Sometimes it`s better to buy a new or a "new" second hand separator, if the costs for repair climb over the price of a new one. If the client want`s, we take apart the old separator and offer the parts in our market place.